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Thanks to Liz Pietrantonio, the Alpha Youth Ministry Leader, the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Youth Group Winter 2010 was a wonderful success.  Liz embodied all the joy and enthusiasm of someone deeply enriched by the Holy Spirit, guided by Jesus’ teachings and has a profound love for God.

I was fortunate to attend the sessions as I accompanied my daughter, Giselle.  Giselle has special needs and requires one to one assistance.  Her twin brother, Luc, was there too, and he made some great friendships amongst the boys that attended.  So many wonderful youths attended, which made each week enlightening, enriching and a joyful, invigorating experience to all who participated.

At the Youth Group sessions, we studied the Bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to name but a few of the topics.  The information was presented with short skits, short video clips, hands-on activities, group brainstorming, games and song.  It was alot of fun, as was evident by all the smiles, conversations and laughter amongst everyone.

April 21st, 2010 marked the last day of the Winter 2010 Youth Group.  Liz asked for ideas on how we can all stay in touch.  As I know a bit about blogging, and I do have a website, I opted to create this WordPress Blog, so that we can all stay in touch.  For now I have added the only category of “God Moments”; however, I can create more.  I will need your ideas.

In order to continue the momentum of the St. Francis of Assisi Alpha Youth Ministry, although it has finished until September, I would encourage people to share their personal experiences from it.  Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What did you enjoy most about the Youth Group?
  • What was your greatest memory from having attended the Youth Group?
  • What are some of the topics you wished discussed within this forum?

Please kindly keep in mind that all comments must be reviewed by the administrator, either Liz, Roseanne or myself, and once approved they will be posted and you can read them online.

We are fortunate to have this blog in place because of a number of key people.   On behalf of the Alpha Youth Ministry, we would like to thank the following people:

  • Father Joseph for consenting to have this blog in place for the Youth Group;
  • David M. Di Biase, he physically gave this blog its’ home within the  website and he was able to technically resolve all issues too;
  • Jason Sandford, for giving us direction in getting this blog set up;
  • Roseanne Savaglio, and Liz  Pietrantonio for all their work in trying to make this blog a reality.

And to all of you, who participated and made the Alpha Youth Ministry a friendly, happy, and spiritually enriching place to be, thank you so much!

With kindest regards,

Lissette Gaylie.

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