We’re up and running!

Hi, Guys!  Finally we are up and running with our new Youth Ministry blog site.  I hope you will use this to post comments so that we can keep in touch over the summer.  (I’ve already been missing you!)

I’ve set up this post for reflections during the summer – about anything.  Notice we also have a post set up for God-moments so you can make some comments there as well.

We have very exciting teams identified for the fall – I’ll set up a post on that later.  Just finding my way around blogging right now!

Can’t wait to start seeing your comments!


One thought on “We’re up and running!”

  1. Just practicing. But to start the summer rolling, I want to tell you a bit about my trip to Italy. It was amazing. Bruno and I just ate our way all around Italy. (For the record, Bruno ate more than me)

    And, this is very exciting, we were in St Peter’s Square for the Pope’s blessing! Not as cool as Father Joseph’s personal meeting with the Pope – but still pretty neat.

    We saw so many churches and bascillicas that I can’t even remember all the names but top three: St Francis of Assisi, Domo in Ascoli Piceno and the Basicillica in Orvieto.

    Favourite meal: pasta of course.
    Favourite gelato: Two scoops – one pistachio and one mocha.
    Favourite town: Ascoli Piceno
    Favourite cheese: Pecorino
    Favourite meat: Veal scallopini
    Favourite fish: none (YUK)


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